Best Friends Forever.

I’m being more open and honest on this blog because I can pretend that no one reads it.

Best friends forever.

Firstly, I want to shout out to all my friends ILoveYou !

Thankyou for bringing me joy, doing crazy things together and then laughing at ourselves like mad cows. & not to forget all the gossiping sessions 😉

Okay I also want to thank.. FACEBOOK

For allowing me to stalk you. Yes haha. How else would I know how you are doing? Phonecalls aren’t always appropriate. I don’t want to be the one initiating the call. Haha and in this ‘ whatsapp era ‘ it can be socially awkward. Plus we are all busy

Sometimes, I may get jealous. My news feed constantly flooded with your recent getaways, friend’s birthday celebration and outings. Why is your life so happening and I’m stuck studying/mugging? I know, we all feel the same way. We like to be involved in each other’s life to feel connected. (if you don’t then…too bad you are more likely to be a loner)

But the thing is, once we meet up, all these miserable feelings disappear. It is weird, isn’t it? That’s because reciprocation of feelings are important. Quality time where you feel that you are given the attention you wanted.

I don’t think I would ever survive a long distance relationship. I need physical presence to be reassured. okay that’s another topic, for another day.

We all get distant to a certain degree but thank you for not letting me get too far. Thank you for giving me advices I didn’t want to hear, because truth hurts. Thank you for being there for me at different stages of life, topping up my energy bar by cheering me on. Thank you for tolerating my outbursts of temper and bullshit.

Oh holidays, you are making me reflect more often than I usually do.

hope you like the above, my friend. If not, you may read this Thank you for being my best friend


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