Summer dreams.

It’s been a while since I last visited Sentosa. Or anything close to sand. Haha.

So right now my skin is peeling like a banana. Or more like flaking like how a fishmonger descales a fish.

This year has been one with many Firsts. By that I mean trying out new stuff.

#playingbeachvolleyball unlocked
#swimminginthesea unlocked
#wearingabikini unlocked

LOL wait this is too much. Feeling uneasy to even acknowledge I own a bikini, which I “buy for my sister one”. Half true, I was thinking if I never dare to wear then it will end up as hers.

I digressed. I didn’t even wear out LOL. I wore it to bathe in the toilet which is hilarious.

Okay I shall distract you from thinking about my bikini moments with pictures.


End here with my favourite shot of the sentosa outing.
We were on the way back to Vivo, sitting on the monorail and i chanced upon the sunset.

It seemed reluctant to lose its shine and disappear into the horizon, just like how i was reluctant to head back home.


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