Slipped away.

I’m currently in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Or to the locals, more affectionately known as Saigon.

I’m so happy and relaxed here !!!

….is what I would love to say but… I’m having a headache right now from all the beeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppssssss coming from the motorcycles and taxis. Crossing the road requires you an extraordinary amount of calm and precision. 要慢,狠,准 and steady bompipi cross the road.

Food wise too I didn’t feel satisfied because we frigging ate at a hotel café by mistake T^T

Didn’t get to try local food yet. But I’m still staying away because I’m afraid that my stomach cannot take it. Maybe I’ll gather more courage to try on the last day 😉

I just came back from Viet massage. Ooooh shiok! Comparable to thai. the technique is not good enough but there are extras like cucumber mask, hot stone massage and soaking feet in hot water to compensate. 175000 dong for 90 mins = S$10 . Tipped about 100,000 dong (prompted by the masseuse) LOL. So it’s about..$16 sgd?

more updates to come;)



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