Time flies when you are having fun. I’m down to my last week of holidays :<

5 things I have been doing recently:

#1 Watching drama
Crying over touching/relatable/loveydovey/dying scenes haha. I found it an excellent way to release my tears and wash away unhappiness.

#2 Attempting to revise
"I feel like studying!"
*Opens book*
"I'm tired.."
*Closes book*

#3 Cleaning
Endless chores.
Tables that mess up soon after you clear them.
Cannot don’t clear also

#4 Taking driving lessons
Non-stop nagging for 2 hours, 3 times a week. Ohmygawd :O
I’m improving, I am !!!!!

#5 Lazing around and daydreaming
I daydream even more, not wanting to focus on anything. Feels good to let my mind wander for a while.


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