I passed my driving test !!
*celebratory dance*

Thank you so much for praying for me. I’m so glad. Hey Jo! It’s super sunny today 😉 My mother prayed that I’ll get a good tester and I did!!!

He was really friendly and explained some precautions and what to expect before I move off in my test car. He even hummed a song during my drive!!! I felt super ZAI.

Most of the deduction came from my failure to check blind spots. Haha. I blame it on stiff neck.

Hehe. Can’t wait to drive around~
The reason why I chose to learn Class 3 manual was because…. I couldn’t find a good auto instructor. Lol and I remembered cursing and whining about how difficult it was to coordinate so many parts of my body at once. Multitask to me, is a great challenge. Please do not expect me to answer you if I’m doing something else, especially I have this dazed, daydreaming look on my face. I think I daydream a lot more nowadays.

Funfact: Wendy Cheng (xiaxue) got her license today as well ! At Ubi too! Hahaha what a coincidence 😉


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