My First French Meal.

Bonjour~! (just to create the mood HAHA)

Recently i went on a short 4 days trip to Vietnam during September. So I had my first French meal in Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon,Vietnam because my brother insisted he wanted to try it( because there cheaper what) and we decided to google for our FrenchDiningExperience.

To sum it up, it was bad.

Firstly, i was wearing shorts. super casual style. maybe i wore slippers too lol (because i only packed 4 sets of clothing for the short trip- street style somemore. ) so i entered the restaurant feeling underdressed and kinda uncomfortable. yikes.

Secondly, we didnt order any wine. HAHA. like some loser. but we decided it was out of our budget and we are not really alcoholics. but everyone else did i think, all Caucasians aka Angmos. regular customers somemore. maybe that’s why the waitress gave us cold hard stares and didn’t really entertain us. (or i was just imagining it)

Thirdly, the dishes came with RICE. like since when is rice served in French food? ._. and the portion of the food was quite big. i thought french food was supposed to be petite, strong on your tastebuds, light on your stomach kind. I couldn’t finish mine anyway.

Taste-wise i was not really amazed.

Foie Gras ( those 2 rectangular blocks. lol) there was also this brown jelly like thing which i have no idea what it is. goose fats?


This was alright. but the garlic taste was slightly overwhelming.

Mom’s order : Grilled Sea Bass.  Not too bad 😉

Dad’s order: Stewed Pork ( i think i came with rice) nothing fantastic.

Mine; Black Pepper Duck- medium. I should have gone for medium well. the sauce was good but the meat turned out too chewy and chunky for me to swallow.

some guidelines for you if you are a complete beginner/novice/mountainturtle like me:

rare (outside is cooked, but the inside is still partially raw)

medium (outside  is cooked more thoroughly and the inside is cooked, but still slightly red),

well done (outside is charred and the inside is completely cooked through).

you  can also create a combination of any two of these basic choices to have your  steak cooked between two levels, for example, medium rare.

me eyeballing my food. LOL  you can see im not too amazed. OH OH!!! see the Rectagular cheesy thing?? It’s nice!!! stackes of potatoes with cheese. i think that was my favourite out of everthing.

Brother Low’s : Tuna with Mushroom sauce. it was meh.

i had imagined it to be like this.

or like this. OMG i just realised this is Braised RABBIT, tagliatelle and mustard sauce.

Hmmmm. i think it’s too early for me to judge if i hate French food, but i certainly don’t fancy it now. But there’s still French desserts!!! hahaha. For now i still prefer Chinese food because i won’t be bored of it.


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