3 seconds.

Recently, I have realized something queer about myself.

It has also been pointed out to me by my friends and my family. And people whom I interact a lot with.

I. Take. 3. Seconds. To. Give. A. Reply.

Strange isn’t it. so I have decided to think about the underlying reason. Please let me know if you have an idea to help me speed up my thinking/replying process.

Possible reason #1
I relive the moment.
Tonight my sister asked me something about getting a panda name sticker. You know, those that you can stick at your stationaries and prevent theft. HAHA.

So I was telling her I got mine from a teacher for being class rep for some subject (it’s Math btw)

And then I forgot what she was asking and proceed to think about the time when my teacher gave the stickers to me. Hahaha.

After 3 seconds I came back from my dreamland and replied her with something. Haha.

My sister say I very drama. Still have flashbacks one. So you must give me 3seconds grace period. If I neh reply after 3 seconds means I really never hear.

Possible reason #2
I answer you in my head.

I imagined that you can hear my thoughts. I imagined that you could read my facial expression. I imagined that you read my body language.

Sometimes I forget to verbalise my reply. I need to work on speaking up and speaking out. (Ok mental note to self. )

I’ll try to be more mindful 🙂 and less lazy.


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