Hey soul sister.

Decided to go for a run and inject myself with endorphins.

I witnessed a proud dad filming his boy riding a 2 wheeled bicycle with his smartphone. Priceless moment for both of them.

Made me thought about the time my dad taught me how to ride mine. My sis had lots of bruises learning at the area outside the elevator. Hahaha. So I decided to be smart and learn at a bigger area.

How was yours?

Being a third and youngest child, I remembered making my elder sis cry because my mom made her give in to me. Haha. We also wore matching clothes. Dress, shoes and even hair accessories. Those were the days.

Bumped into my sis today at the mrt on my way home. Haha. Awww heart you !
even though I jelly you taller than me by almost 10cm.
even though I annoy you by crossing over the imaginary line of our bed.
even though I didn’t have snacks for you because I gave it all away in class.



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