This week flashed past so quickly, I panicked. Here I am, reflecting before I crawl to my sweet bed.

I’m so glad this week had been a pleasant one. Caught a movie with awesome friends, had wax practical session, sharing session on our first ever clinicals, etc.

Having balance in my life is really important to me. I’m so glad that I’m learning a lot, everyday. Not only academically but also mentally. I wake up to find myself maturing everyday, being able to make better decisions and give better judgement. This I give thanks to my friends and family, opening my eyes and heart when I’m blinded. (which happens quite often)

Things are getting pretty exciting for one of my friend. Haha EVE(if) you see this i hope you get well soon! I’m so glad you are still you. And I can still talk to you and relate even though we don’t have a lot in common now. Thank you for your efforts to make sure we stay in touch. ❤ As for matters of the heart, I really can't judge. All I pray is that you'll find someone who will treasure you.

Time for bed, it's 0045 now. Shit I'm getting into bed later and later.


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