Yesterday night, my dad mentioned something to me which I found disturbing.

When you are too kind, you will be taken advantage of.


So what does this mean? Either you take advantage of others, or you will be taken advantage of?

Pondering over the statement, I know it holds some truth in it. Surely, this is not a perfect world. Not everyone will look out for you.Life is not square and it won’t be fair.

But I like to believe in the better of everyone. I hope this is not foolish naivety.

I think it’s important to constantly review about this question as you go through different stages ” What is the life that you want to live ”

For a start, I promised myself that I wouldn’t let negativity get the better of me. It’s not worth losing 60 seconds of happiness to feel loserly.

I will also try to live a fulfilling one. I have a secret wishlish. I hope I can tick them off one by one. Slowly, but definitely.

May you be happy 🙂 have a good weekend.


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