Looking at my travel photos. My travel addiction is acting up. December is only 4 days away. Can’t wait to pack my luggage and be on that plane to Taiwan.

These 2 pictures were taken in Korea. I can’t remember exactly where these 2 are. definitely not Jeju though.

I’m reluctant to say that I’ve visited Korea because :

1) I went with a tour group, which means that you have to wake up early to catch the bus and off to some touristy places that I’m not interested in. In summary, I didn’t think the trip was worth it, except for Jeju island.

2) I didn’t get to eat Korean BBQ ! Was so looking forward to eat that. In the end the best meal we had the entire trip was during free and easy time where we accidentally walked into a nice mandoo shop.

So I’m determined to make another trip to visit Korea. Time to save $$$$~


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