Brand new?

Happy 2013 !!
This is a strange feeling.
New year, new start?

Started 2013 off with spring cleaning. Haha.

Some of the funny/interesting things that happened:

#1 I found my collection of neoprints. I think I took my first neoprint when I was 9, with my sister? Now I’m 19 & I am always entertained by those funky poses of mine. HAHA.

#2 I decided to ziplock bag my accessories so I can open a shop now. LOL. Belts, earrings, necklaces, braclets , everything. I think this idea is super good. HAHA self-praise~~~ No longer have to face the messy drawer trying to dig them out. Looks more hygienic as well. :>

#3 I found 5 different types of hair products, all purchased by my sister. She seems to not finish any of them.. Like every time the bottle is finishing, she would purchase a new one. BUT the thing is she starts trying out the new bottle instead of finishing the old one. Tsk tsk.

#4 I found a dead beetle in the drawer. Not sure how it got in though..

#5 I sprayed my face with perfume. Thinking that the nozzle was away from me but IN FACT it was DIRECTED at me. ya… Haha. Blur moment.

everyone seems raved about this new year. Resolutions to lose weight and keep fit… of course I hope to achieve that but it applies every year so I don’t think it’s a new year resolution thing

Here’s my 2013 resolutions anyway:

#I hope to be able to take good care of my expenses haha. need to finance properly.

#I hope to learn to swim. Haha. I know my skin colour is misleading. But I have yet to master thy strokes. 수영이 배우고싶어요 ~

My Korean language is still cui. Sad.
must brush up before I go on a trip to S.Korea with my friends which I hope to do so this year!! ^^

#I hope to be able to rise up to challenges and be bolder. Haha yes Jojo…

#volunteer regularly

#learn a new skill. Maybe cooking. Is one dish enough? Shifty eyes* to show off when needed. LOLOL good plan~

#Have the strength to be positive even when things are not going my way.

#somemorewhichiwillrememberaftermybeautysleep. ^^

Cheers to the new year!


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