April Scents: Melbourne



Melbourne was slightly more than a week ago and I miss it very much. I really liked the lifestyle there, you can find the cafes crowded on a Monday afternoon. The pace is a relaxed and enjoyable; Australians really do know work-life balance.

One of the major challenge of this trip was our BUDGET. We really needed accommodation that was cheap, yet safe. So we ended up staying in an apartment with a local, in St Kilda, which is a beach suburb near the city area. This is my first time using Airbnb and frankly i was quite scared to live with a stranger but she gave us a good deal and her reviews were good so we went ahead.

Overall it was quite a good decision and we managed to keep our budget of under 2k.


We planned to go on a one day trip: Great Ocean Road which brought us to Bells Beach, Cape Otway Lighthouse(my fav!), the 12 Apostles (now 8), Loach Ard Gorge (where some ship sank…). Basically it was a drive along the coastline which was filled with superb view. We had coffee at a beach(a first for me) and lunch with a view overlooking a grass and the sea. Oh and we managed to see real Koalas on trees! They are super lazy hahahahaha.

20130411_155239    20130411_133512IMG-20130411-WA0023


i really like this picture of Jo! you look likea SUPERMODEL.


The week in Melbourne was definitely one of the best ones in my life. I mean travelling is so addictive!!!! You are able to let your mind rest, take a breather and things like strolling down streets made me very happy. It wasn’t really about how many places I went, or how much food i ate( okay wait the food was GREAT). To me, travelling refreshed my senses and for a week i was able to not worry and really enjoy life. Not to mention crazy and spontaneous things we did like getting lost on our first day, shopping for groceries, dancing in the living room blasting music( when our landlady wasn’t around, of course), dipping into tee cold seawater at St Kilda Beach at 10 pm, eating strawberries while we walked on crowded Melbourne streets.


I’m really thankful to be able to go on this trip with Jojo ❤ , that my parents were agreeable to it. I wasn’t even planning to go overseas during this short break because i went to Taiwan just last December with JiaJia<3. But sometimes the opportunity presents itself and you have to grab it. & i grabbed my chance.

I mean, in a few years down the road, I’ll be working and I want to experience as much as possible 🙂


Love you Melbourne! I’ll be back sometime in the future.

Can’t wait for the next adventure!


One thought on “April Scents: Melbourne

  1. Wow! You just made me miss Melbourne all over again… 🙂 Melbourne’s weather is currently at its highest of 16 degrees celsius and its lowest at 6 degrees celsius. Just a quick fact. Missing it terribly. I love Singapore… but there is just too many things cluttering my brain and that is exhausting. Maybe I am just too familiar with things around here. So life gets more demanding. So, could it be true when they say that familiarity breeds contempt? Hmm…

    Thanks for posting up some photos here. They are beautiful! And wait, what?!? Supermodel?!? W..why… thank you? I am flattered. 🙂

    I am glad to go on the trip with you too dear Sophy. Wouldn’t have been the same if I were to embark on this trip on my own. You were a wonderful company to me and I look forward to more traveling in the future, with you! 🙂

    Thanks for being so spontaneous to go on this trip with me! I know everything happened really quickly and it came right smack in our faces appearing totally unbelievable. But, we went. We came back. And it is now a fond memory. 🙂

    Hope the past weeks in school went OK for you! And that you are staying strong and bold and consistent and healthy and happy… 🙂 If you are not, I am here to lift you up!

    “Knock knock!”
    “Who’s there?”
    “Yo who?”



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