Freeday Sunday.

Hello 🙂 I had a good Sunday so far. Hope you enjoyed your weekend too.

Today has been really weird, in a good way. First of all, I wanted to stay home and study. Didn’t perform to my expectations last semester so i wanted to work harder this time round. Okay SophiaLow you need to study hard and not be complacent. Later the hospital call and break bond how??! You don’t have money to pay them back.

Anyway, I went to PS because my brother wanted to go and eat at the Tim Ho Sum place. which is crazy because there’s like a longggggg queue and I can’t justify 2 hours waiting time for a meal, so we settled on the takeaway! They were having a donation drive, which means you donate a certain amount of money and they give you free pau(the famous char siew ones!) $2 for 1, $5 for 2.

So I got us 2 super nice!


Squid Ink Pizza @SkinnyPizza, brotherlow’s treat. His girlfriend is in Taiwan, so when nobody jio him out he’ll treat me some good stuff :>


Tadaaaaa! Free Candy floss and popcorn from Samsung S4 roadshow. Hahaha I basically stood there for 30s to looksee looksee the phone nia. Didn’t expect the free food. Maybe this is my good karma.


Okay bye, I’m going to Gardens by the Bay later on with my niece and nephew. Free tickets somemore.

Xoxo, Aunty Sophy


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