Childhood is like a memory card which stores all the good and the evil of the past, like a birthday party or when you quarreled with your first ever best friend. 

Shake off the evil and don’t let it haunt you. (or at least try)

Lately I kept getting reminded of things which aren’t exactly pleasant and very embarrassing. Of course now after years I think of it as silly and unnecessary to overreact like i did when i was younger. The culprits probably had no ill intentions but at that point of time it meant a lot to me. traumatizing ugh.  It is strange that these evil scenes decide to plant themselves in my head but I can remember happy times only vaguely. I would just hide beside my sister and gave people death stares.

Such is the unfortunate behaviour of mine until my mom told me i would never have friends if I keep it up(being anti-social and grumpy). & then i stopped death-staring for fear that it would really be the case and really tried my best to smile more often. Lol.

Actually hor, I think I’m okay with friends and with most people. Or I’m self-delusional. HAHA. Or I’m just weird. I do hope you will never find me giving the death stare. 

On a happier note, my sister is coming back from Korea! Missed her 🙂


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