S is for staying strong.
S is for staying positive.
S is for staying calm.

You’re gonna find yourself somewhere, somehow (:

Just ended my CP practical exam. Honestly i thought it was going to be a smooth sailing 10 minutes and i would come out of the room like a winner. but in the end I got brain freezed by the question and lost track of the time and didn’t managed to complete my treatment.


i truly feel that every mistake made is an opportunity to learn… even though the feeling of making a mistake sucks a lot.

Feeling thankful and grateful for my friends for their kind words despite my whinning & annoying behaviour hahahaha. :’)


One thought on “S.

  1. Dear Sophy,

    How nice it is for me to chance upon your blog again and read your posts of positivity despite your downs. I think you have a great learning attitude and this will get you very far… 🙂 It has been one of the very few tough weeks in school for you I believe… Emotionally and mentally. And it just feels a little discouraging when you think about it. But yet having to force yorself to move on and focus on all the remaining exams. Kinda sucks big time. What’s worse, you have to do self-consolation… which may sometimes lead to self-denial. But who cares, whatever helps to feel less depressed works. (To some) Eg. Cursing the examiner. That’s what humans do best, giving excuses. Very unwise. BUT on the other hand, I see hope in people like you. I want you to remember that you are still a winner and will always be. If it helps, I am a winner too! So you don’t have to be alone when you do the victory dance!



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