September- HongKong EatSeeBuy

Hello! I’m back from a 3D3N trip to Hong Kong. Love the trip because more than the food and shopping, it is also a bonding trip! The last family trip that was so long ago and not as many went. so i really liked it even though disputes are bound to happen haahhaha but that’s what makes us family 🙂

so in total there were 14 of us! & I was like the tour guide for the trip?! even though it’s my first time visiting. but google map definitely is my shifu lolol.


Buildings in Hong Kong, really crowded streets


Apple Store, IFC Mall Hong Kong

Really love their modern glass walls!


Kee Wah Bakery! Love their Wife Biscuits!!


With N 🙂


Some of the awesome food that i ate in HK. the rest.. are gobbled up before pictures could be taken lol.

like dim sum.. roast dessert..century egg porridge with youtiao that we ate for 2 mornings because it was super nice!

& so many many more!!

spot an abalone in the top right picture!! Around HKD$18 ($3sgd) only for that dish!!


Pierre Hermes Paris Macarons! omg the macarons shell so thick!!

$4.50/pc so it deserves another picture! hahahah the dark chocolate was my fav out of all i tried. (no i didnt finish the whole box)



Love the glass bottles which are so vintage looking


Met up with my HK friend KK 🙂 she brought us to eat at Satay King, which serves really nice soft shell crabs! (i don’t usually take crabs) as well as brought us to Victoria Harbour for the night tour. Thank you so much! Finally it’s my turn to visit you ahahaha


Anyway, this is one of the memorable encounter with the locals in HK

We went to get herbal tea at this shop but instead of choosing our drink, the ladyboss just gave us our order


she say i very heaty and thus gave me this ULTRA BITTER BOTTLE OF BLACK LIQUID

OMGGGG and say my intestines very heaty lolol

apparently she confirmed her diagnosis by asking me to stick my tongue out


oh and she gave some shan zha(hawthorn flakes) which totally didnt do much to help remove the bitter taste.

managed to only finish 3/4 and gave the rest to my cousin lolol.

My mom got guilinggao(herbal jelly) that tasted wayyyy nicer than mine. whyyyy

So this is a photo summary of my trip to Hong Kong hahaha. oh and i can forsee myself coming back for their food. hahahaah


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