New Decade

minions scream


Waasuup! I’m now 20years + 15days old
hahahahaha in the old phase of being young and the young phase of being old?
and this blog is now one year old.
omgggg happy birthday blog! lololol.
can’t believe it because i only started it to entertain myself and possibly some close friends ahahahaha.

Anyway first of all..
I just really want to say thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday!
i had a great one! the week was filled with party mood hahaha. (at least mine was)

I want to remember this forever lololol. so cheesy but true. i was really surprised to get a celebration this year!



thank you Jo! for putting in so much effort to organize a surprise for me.. ♥ ♥ ♥
& for being such a great friend to me and forever counselling me hahahaha.

i’m so blessed to have you as a friend :))


Awesome classmates i have  ♥

let’s all give in our best in the remaining years in NYP~



Rushed off to queue up for the F1 BIGBANG concert after lunch but it was all worth it!!!!!

omgomgomgomg taeyang is like 1m away from me only i cannnot take it hahahaha



finally met JiaJia  ♥ ♥ ♥
You are also my greatest gift in jc!
:)) really awesome to have you as my friend wooohoooo!! Always know me so well hahahaha maybe too well lololol
hopefully can go Korea next year~~~ miss our Taiwan trip!


Kong! My first friend in xms hahahah finally the both of us are off braces. Hahahah love you loads ♥♥♥let’s try to meet more often okay! Candlelight dinner hahahaha 😉 glad to have you in my life.

Thanks Vel, for dropping by my place just to pass me stuff. ♥♥♥♥

&Sisterlow who gave me a DIY voucher for a date with her that expired on my birthday. Lol nonsense la you.

Honestly, I have no idea where I would be or who I will become in the next 10 years. Life is unpredictable and with drama happening every other week, it’s already hard to picture myself in the next year, not to mention a decade.

But even so, I will hold on to things dear and important to me. and that I will always remind myself to be thankful for what I have and not have. Contentment is the key to happiness and I seek happiness 🙂


Hehe ♥


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