In Good Faith

I cant believe Starbucks is selling Christmas drinks already. 2 more months and it’ll be 2014~~ wowowow. Can’t help but feel time wheeze past me recently. So packed everyday.. i want my holiday pace back!! 😦

Renee’s 21st image Bye Muggles, I’m off to Hogwarts. Lolol. me judging myself. So that was my Halloween outfit for Renee’s 21st! Hahahaha so 不要脸 still pose with broom lolol. image image image Love you girls ❤

Universal Studios Sentosa image My attempt to take picture with my vampire friend. Obviously I was not too calm. image To pass time during the crazy long queues.

Overall it was fun though we didn’t get to try all the Haunted Houses. But we rode the rides! hahahah ^^


Back to November

This week I’m having 2 practical exams! It’s been a while since my previous one so i was just in panic mode lol.

Thankful for my mommy for having faith in me! I was complaining and freaking out and feeling very nervous. But she told me that i was steady enough and reassured me lolol. #foreverinsecurebeforeexams and that i should just treat my patient as if i was treating her elbow (in the end i got an elbow question! hehe) Also, she prepared lunch for me and gave me a goodluck hug at the doorway before i left to face whatever was in store for me in school. So much love ❤


T A E Y A N G!


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