Finally, packing for my graduation trip – South New Zealand! I’m hoping that I have everything I need in my backpack. I’m looking forward to enjoying great landscapes and beautiful memories that would be created ♡


One thought on “#2

  1. Sophy,

    I had an amazing time with you in NZ.

    As you step into the workforce on 7 April, let me give you my 2 cents worth as your classmate, friend, elder sis or whatever you see me as.

    Talk through yourself before you start on Tuesday and BE PREPARED mentally to face many GIANTS along the way, especially the first year of work. Believe that you will be brave enough to embrace harsh conditions and be one who emerges through tough circumstances. We all need something to overcome in order to be an overcomER. Next, BE CONSISTENT right from the start. I think it’s perfectly okay to be slow from the start. As long as you catch up and be sustainable. In fact, I always see myself a late bloomer. That, another long story that I will save to share in the future. Finally, have the right ATTITUDE towards your work (including paperwork haha), your clients, your colleagues, your peers, your visions and dreams. Say yes to good ideas but never say no to better ones.

    You will go very far. Because of your tenacity and perseverance, your hard work will bring you many acheivements, more than you can ever imagine.

    Thanks for 3 wonderful years of friendship… May the wine of our friendship never run dry.



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