Be afraid; but do it anyway

Happy New Year! It’s 2016.

I believe that this quote will be very apt for this upcoming year. I will miss Singapore as I leave for studies at Perth, Australia in Feb. There are things that I will be afraid and nervous about but I pray to have to courage to march on. Even though it seems that time passes slowly everyday, it kinda creeps up on you and pooof* it’s Christmas and… 2016!

First time counting down together with dear and it’s kind of good spending a nice quiet evening and movie with drinks.

Every year I try to be adventurous. haha. Looking back in 2015:

Jan – March 

Pretty much occupied with the dreadful final year project.



And I’ve graduated! Student life is seemingly far away now that I’ve been working.


New Zealand grad trip – Ticked sky diving off bucket list


HongKong – First overseas trip together with dear.

Began work at KTPH – Officially employed

Emceed at my cousin’s wedding – Taming my nervous self and I was really really nervous but at the same time had a great time. It was my first time on stage but I enjoyed it.


June – December

Transferred to a new department – Main ortho outpatient clinic which i loovveeeee. Training and more trainings! Went to both the wards/clinics half day each for twice/trice a week and my brain was fried trying to learn the ropes.

Also preparing to go for studies in Curtin! Spent quite a bit of time settling medical checkup/visas/accomodation/airtickets. So I’ll be flying on the 20th Feb.

Emceed another cousin’s wedding which was soccer themed and really fun and lively. 12193710_10153668808659933_8919904826112772256_n.jpg

I guess that was a brief summary of the whole year. Haha



  It’s been a great year. Hope 2016 will be awesome too! 


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