I’ll be going to Perth for 14 months and the countdown has started. 3 more days to flying off to kangaroo land and I’m left feeling unprepared. The packing is progress but amongst all that I’ve been meeting up friends and spending time over meals to catch up. 





Meet Jiajia at D’good cafe 🙂 coffee was lovely thank you for your prayers I’ll be safe and sound 🙂


Dinner date with my babes!

Happy 10th anniversary hehe 

It was a pity that I didn’t manage to meet Shirley cos she’s working but still feel the love 🙂 



 Last but not least happy valentines! 

Love this boy of mine hehe silly boy got flowers for me but didn’t take photo with me on that day. Everyday’s a valentine with you right? 

Gonna miss you so much. I’m just treasuring the time were spending together.

I’ll try to update a little when I can 🙂


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