Season of love


‘Tis the season to be jolly ~

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

Back home for a short x’ams break and to take a chill pill after 5 weeks of hard work in the neuro ward. I miss home so much ❤ and decided to come back for a bit to spend time with my loved ones.

Lots of meet ups arranged!



Jiajia ❤ my constant source of joy/ glad to be able to catch you before you fly off to kimchiland to meet kimchiboy. miss you loads xx


Unagi at Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant


1 Keong Saik Road, #01-01, 089109

Really worth the hype and it’s actually under Teppei so the food quality is guaranteed!


My attempt at cooking Truffle aglio olio


Jo ❤img_1021

Mel ❤img_5567

Mei ❤

My #physio babes 🙂 catching up over dinner and dessert after work.

Work life seems busy but I’m glad that you girls are coping well and so proud of all of you for doing what you are doing ❤ Really appreciate having you all around and making me feel welcomed back at home, talking about how everyone is doing and sharing some laughter over brownies and earl grey ice cream.


Mau ❤ I’m happy with the good news and keep me updated 😉img_5803

shirley ❤ img_5800

Clarice ❤


#oldisgold haha this bunch of chicks never fail to make my day.. Our topics have changed over the years from exams and boys… to work and …still boys? hahahahah some things don’t change and i know that one of it is our friendship! and we’re finally planning our decade anniversary trip! Happy and excited about it, let’s hope to have a getaway together. It’s been so long since we had such a long chat over drinks.


Brunch at Wild Honey



Bae ❤


My man.

Thanks dear for staying strong for the past 10 months and bearing with my nonsense when i felt so homesick/doubting myself of my capabilities. Late night conversations with you always remind me of the man i fell in love with, and continue to, make me the best of myself, clearing my negativity away and instilling faith back in myself. I know it’s not easy and I can see that you’re working hard towards your ambitions. Also, I can say that you’ve changed a lot since the first time we met and the change is definitely for the better, and I am thankful and grateful for your unconditional love.

I love you




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