It’s been said that tough times don’t last, tough men do.

In the midst of tough times now, but I’m doubting my abilities to last. I wish I could be braver and more ascertain of what I’m doing. The fact that I feel so helpless and directionless towards what I am doing for the project is not helping.

Why did I even pick this topic? is a question that I pose myself even now as the dates draw nearer to the implementation of the project. so much trouble just to get the equipment, at times I have the impulse of purchasing the product itself to save precious time. Should I do that?

So much weight on my mind now..and I wish I know the answer to all these questions





Just finished watching the trailer of If I Stay. I think I might cry my eyeballs out if i watch the entire movie.



omg the guy behind seems to be listing to the right. #observant




Reminiscing my adventure cove day after Andrea recently showed me her photos from her trip. envious much and i need some sun in my life.